Join Our New Brunswick Cleaning Team.

We are always looking for new cleaners to add to our team.   The following positions are available or opening soon.


Working directly in homes, Cleaners address a customers specific housekeeping needs. Common tasks are:

  • Wash windows, walls and ceilings
  • Vacuum carpeting, area rugs, draperies and upholstered furniture
  • Stock linen closet
  • Pick up debris and empty trash containers
  • Dust furniture
  • Distribute clean towels and toiletries
  • Make beds and change sheets
  • Sweep, mop, wash and polish floors
  • Clean, disinfect and polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances

Lead Cleaner

Working more closely with customers, Lead Cleaners do everything Cleaners do and more:

  • Addressing customer and worker concerns
  • Scheduling
  • Assessment of duties
  • Attends meetings
  • Administrative tasks like reporting and invoicing


Working closely with the owner Suzanne, a Supervisor does everything Lead Cleaners and Cleaners do and then some:

  • Interview potential hires
  • Training and coaching staff
  • Walkthroughs and estimates
  • Negotiating with customers
  • Creating and implementing Policy
  • Ensuring communications with clients is orderly

If you want to join one of the Top Rated cleaning companies in New Brunswick, contact us by phone at 506-378-2364 or e-mail [email protected]